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It is such a splendid feeling when one forms an idea.

Even more so when they bring it to life.

They give it a soul, a body, a mind, a belief, a personality, a goal, a past, a present, and a future.

But then, when it is ready to be brought to life, it is vanquished due to events beyond its control.

It may yet live another day, but till then, it must sit and wait.

A story yet to be lived is right around the corner.

It will forge bonds of friendship, of hate, of respect, of contempt, and of family.

It will remember what was lost and lose what was remembered.

But new goals, new dreams, new allies shall be found.

The mind and body will change, but change is what it will seek.

Though it has yet to live a day, that day shall indeed be lived.
This is one of my favorite works, as it is about a character that I created for a specific project. The project was halted indefinitely and so I had to put the character on the back-burner. This was sort of my response to the whole situation, indicating that I was saddened, but wasn't going to just let my creation disappear.

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April 18, 2012
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